Warm In The Barbershop

Way up east in Buffalo
there is a place you oughtta know
people there will tell you so
it’s a good barber shop

C&C is the place to be
for haircuts, talk, and company
and a helping hand humanity
it’s a fine barbershop

when the big storm hit with all that snow
and temperatures way below
it was cold in old Buffalo
but warm in the barber shop

when the snow piled up to the chin
people stuck in the cars they were drivin’ in
Craig Elston said “come on in
it’s warm in the barber shop”

he said “get you some electricity
charge your phone, call your family
the barbershop welcomes you, see
‘cause it’s warm in here”

women, children, families poured
in through that wide open door
pretty soon there were 30 or more
inside the barber shop

they slept on the floor and in the chairs
people sleepin’ everywhere
some even got haircuts while they were there
‘cause it was warm in the barber shop

say “howdy friend, what’s your name?”
turn on the tv, watch the game
touchdowns help tp ease the strain
of in the barber shop

what a way to spend the Christmas season
the world outside was dark and freezin’
keep it safe, stands to reason
stay in the barber shop

Christmas dinner, corner market
peach tea and Hot Pockets,
potato chips Vienna Sausage
gourmet barbershop

Craig Elston said eventually
when the weather lifted so did he
he hadn’t slept in days, you see
it was his barbershop

ask him why he’d shrug his shoulders
“couldn’t leave them in the cold, sir
you’d do the same, you would, I know
if it was your barbershop”

how many lives were saved those days
no one knows but be amazed
not more were lost but for the ways
of Craig Elston and his barber shop

I don’t know if there’s a great arranger
but wherever there’s present danger
here’s a hand to a stranger
from a warm barber shop

so if you’re ever in old Buffalo
and you need a warm place to go
or maybe just to get a haircut so
you know where to be

down the corner, ask around
you’re in the right part of town
nobody turns a stranger down
at the C&C

nobody turns a stranger down
at the C