As the Wheel Spins

and the rain blows
against my window pane
and the thunder comes
and then the daylight wanes
but it’s only the weather
changing as the wheel spins
and I know that when it it gets dark like this
it’s gonna get light again

and the sunrise
makes the east get red
and when it’s time to go
it sets down in the west instead
like the arc of a lifetime
as it rises up to fly
in out great imagination
constellations in the sky

and I know I made a mess of things
I picked up that same big rock and I let it drop
and by the time I figured out whose foot was underneath
it was too late to stop

and as I get older now
I think back to when I was young
and how hard it was to get over
some silly stupid thing I done
always tryin’ to live up to
somethin’ I could never be
always tryin’ to be somebody else
somebody other than me
but all my skies turn to blue now
and all the fences open to let me in
seems like there’s nothin’ I couldn’t do now
thanks to you my friend

and the rain blows at my window
but I don’t get wet
and I don’t care which way the wind blows
‘cause it ain’t caught me yet
I turn up my collar and I go for a stroll
I roll it up and I let it unroll
just like a wheel when it spins
thanks to you my friend