When I Was Dyslexic

when I was dyslexic

I lived in a town

where all of the language was

floating around

we ate with our fingers

on platters of grass

and took in strangers

when they ran out of gas

I was thinking in pictures

I had fun with my words

about cattle and zebra

in high flying herds

if they never came down

it was more than I cared

‘cause I was dyslexic

and we were everywhere

when I was dyslexic

I couldn’t be cool

it was flimsy and weird

to be kept after school

with my my tongue on the

ironing board of the law

I was permanent pressed

till fit to the flaw

it passes in phases like

phases will do

and my language constructions

eventually grew

my spelling still whimsical

but isn’t it all

words are like water

spilling over the falls

now I’m no longer dyslexic

at least most of the time

but I lapse when it suits me

to spice up a rhyme

or to stay out of reach

of the language police

life is too short

for that kind of caprice

you can try to correct me

well, good luck with that

I’ve ignored all the experts

the profs and the frats

I say what I see

and I see what I say say

and I also where glasses

‘cause I like it that way

the rules of reality

are slippery thin

and there’s more than one way

for a cat to get in

try to enforce such an

obvious sham

and we’ll laugh in a language

you don’t understand

we’ll laugh in a language you don’t under

don’t understand