When Johnny Comes Marching Home

when Johnny comes marching home again (X3)
we’ll all go out and welcome him
never mind the shape he’s in

we’ll ask him how the fighting went (X3)
and how he likes the president
casaulties are an accident

we’ll beat our drums and wave our flags (X3)
those great and grand and glorious rags
the ones they put on the body bags

and later on when the sickness comes (X3)
from chemicals and uranium
we’ll ring our hands and we’ll all play dumb

see the veterans who did their part (X3)
and came back home with a purple heart
walkin’ around with a shopping cart

where are the legs that used to run (X3)
before you went to carry a gun
I’m afraid your dancing days are done

you have no arm you have no leg (X3)
you’re an armless, legless, chickenless egg
they’ll have to put you out with a bowl to beg

we kill them and they’ll kill us back (X3)
they say it’s always been like that
all for the banker and his money sack

tip your hat and take a bow (X3)
get on with your life somehow
they’re taking your little brother now