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When the World Don’t End

what do you do when the world don’t end
do you just go back to work
tellin’ everybody you’re sorry
for being such a jerk
do you dis-assemble your building blocks
do you put your guns in store
what do you do when the world don’t end
and you can’t freak out anymore

when the second coming still ain’t come
and the fiery rain don’t fall
when the devil himself don’t make that
dreadful long distance call
when the great reset don’t happen
just like the great Y2K
it’s gotta be a let down
so what do you say

do you shrug your shoulders
and say god changed his mind
or that you mis-calculated
you’ll get it right next time
there’s gotta be a reason
it doesn’t always have to rhyme

I knew some people who knew for a fact
that they were the chosen few
and that there was a great big god out there
somewhere who knew it too
so they went out onto the mountain
sayin’ this is where it ends
three days later they came back down
and had to start all over again

the world is always ending
it seems that way to me
one of these days if it actually does
there’ll be no one there to see
‘cause we’ll all be in a webinar
with all our faces in the grid
waiting for the world to end
or maybe it already did