Where Has All the Money Gone

where has all the money gone
has it gone to anything useful
anything you’d be proud about
anything you’d talk out loud about
no, it’s gone to people’s pockets
that’s where all the money’s gone

and who’s got all the money now
is it anybody you know
the one who watches the parkin’ lot
the who sweeps thew sidewalk
no, it’s gone to all the billionaires
that’s where all the money’s gone

and how do you suppose they get it
do they work for it in the factory
do they gwet their hands all dirty
do thjey get their faces sweaty
no, they steal it rhought he loopholes
that’s how they get all the money now

and what do you suppose they do with it
do they find somebody that needs it
do they find a dog and feed it
do they do anything useful
no, they use it to make more money
that’s what they do with all the money now

and how much is the money worth
can you eat it wehen your hungry
can you drink it when you’re thirsty
can you wear it for your clothes
no, it ain’t worth nothin’
that’s how much the money’s worth

so evrybody get your money oyt
throw it away or spend it
give it back to those that lend it
let ‘em have it if they want it
just get it out of the way
‘cause it ain’t worth nothin’ but trouble anyway