you meet out on the midnight street
underneath the lamplight bright
outside the diamond jewelry windows
dazzling your sight tonight
and something in the blood that pounds
echoes in the hollow sound
and it all comes tumbling down
in Zurich

it’s taught among the rules of school
that all that glitters must be gold
and those who would not play the fool
must follow in the social mold
oh but the well to do
beautiful people in public view
ain’t got time for the likes of you
in Zurich

it all begins one morning fine
when the government money comes to town
a fortune goes to the opera
but not a penny trickles down
to the youth center in the middle of town
gonna have to close it down
can’t afford to have you hangin’ ‘round
in Zurich

all in a shattering instant then
upon that well remembered night
in a sudden clash with bricks and bottles
comes a most surprising sight
as fired with a smoldering heat
five thousand angry rebels meet
and break every window on that most beautiful street
in Zurich

anarchy on streets of gold
lights a-flashing, sirens wail
frightened eyes behind the windows
watch the young ones off to jail
soldiers in their shouldered ranks
armed with water canon tanks
and rubber bullets to protect the banks
of Zurich

battle lines are clearly drawn
to show which side you’re standing on
those who sympathize in kind
wake up to find their jobs are gone
speaking up and speaking out
depends on what you talk about
the real right is coming out
in Zurich

how can such a trouble be
is this the writing on the wall
the pillars of society
give a very anxious call
and orderly they call for peace
discipline to say the least
what we need is more police
in Zurich

from the gardens of Geneva
to the flowered streets of Amsterdam
inside the walls of West Berlin
trouble passes hand to hand
in among these times that be
no future do they see
that’s the way it was explained to me
in Zurich