February’s On the Way Out

We’re melting our way out of February and the days are getting longer. Soon spring will be here and life will begin anew. I’m gearing up my booking for April/May trip to California. You can see what I have right now – not much but I usually slam it just a few months ahead, so it’s all on time.

I had a great first gig at Ballard’s own “Grumpy D’s” coffee house. Hopefully i can do that one once a month, or as close to that as i can get with my travel schedule. It’s a fabulous little place, with good sound gear, good food and drink, and good friendly people working behind the counter. What more could you want? For the last few years I’ve been building up a roster of community venues, places where the neighborhoods are represented. It feels good to work like that.

I have some new songs to memorize and a recording project to get together. This on’e going to be different than the rest. So keep checking back and see what’s up. I’ll post the news as it comes in. And by all means STOP TRUMP!!