Glass Paperweights

It’s been a while since I posted anything here, guess I’ve been kinda lazy. Or distracted, doing other things. Life is like that. I remember saying to somebody back in 1981 that it was like one of those glass paperweights with the snow inside. Shake it up and see where it settles.

Anyway, a lot has been happening since I was last in this little digital niche. I’ve make a record – I still call them that because its short for recording and that’s what they all are. CD is just the delivery system. You can see all about that on the home page. I’ve done a lot of gigs, written a lot of songs. And recently I’ve developed a new sound, at least for me. Not a permanent “this is all I do” sound, of course. Life is too short for that. But a beautifully possible roadway where strangers make familiar patterns in living sounds. For a long time I’ve played on and off with Mark Ettinger, a great bass player from New York. I’ve recorded 4 albums with him. And just recently I’ve developed a musical relationship with Jessica Lurie, a world class saxophonist who lives part time in Seattle and part time in Brooklyn. Jessica is a composer and arranger, jazz player with rock sensibilities, and a fearless improvisor who will jump in at anytime anywhere. I first met her (I think) around the time of the WTO events in Seattle – she was part of the “Anti Facsist Marching Band.” We recorded my WTO song, along with Dale Fanning on drums, and Brad Hauser on bass. I’ve been trying to find those tapes, they’re around here somewhere… So there’s a little trio thing that happens when the planets align and all the itineraries are in order. We have plans to record at Mark’s studio in October, a date which may or may not be set in stone. It’ll be good though, whenever it happens. Keep your lights on.

So I’ll leave that there for now and get back to work on the update/booking side of things. I promise not to let this slide for so long anymore…