Going To Alaska

It’s hard to keep this thing updated, not very good on my part. Had a great time at the Oregon Country Fair this year. Two stages, plus the Midnight Show and our traditional Sunday night pathway gig. I say “our” because it’s a trio set – Billy Oskay, Mark Ettinger, and myself. And I have to say that we outdid ourselves this year. We were superb! Mark got it all recorded on his phone for reference, and we committed to the audience to making another CD. We passed around a signup sheet for people to keep informed and to help with logistics. One of the signup people said they could help with a Kickstarter. I’ve never done one of those before but there’s no other way to pay for it, so here goes. Watch this spot for further developments.

Katy and I are going up to Alaska on Wednesday to do Salmonfest, in Ninilchik. It’s a wonderful three day music event at a fairgrounds. This will be my fourth time up there playing music. Katy’s going up to work it as a coordinator. She has a lot of experience doing festivals and street fairs over the years so this will give us a chance to be there at the same time. Check out the lineup: salmonfestalaska.org/