Headed to California

Putting to finishing touches on a California trip, leaving on the 8th and coming back toward the end of the month. I love traveling but it’s always nerve wracking coming up to the actual departure. I know I have enough guitar strings and enough socks, but what’s missing? Is the pass going to be snowed in? Will the roads be clear? Will anybody come to the gigs?

You can see a complete listing by checking the calendar. They’re all good, with a couple of great double bills: Don Quixote’s, in Felton, where I’ll be sharing the stage with Peter Case. And Terrapin Crossroads, in San Rafael, where Barry Sless and I will be flying without a net at 4:20 Happy Hour. Then there’s the Monkey House with David Gans, Tesorra’s Wine Bar, three house concerts, a new pot dispensary in Hopland, a grange hall in Willits, and the famous Logger Bar in Blue Lake. The only thing missing is a gig in San Francisco itself, though that may change as the days go by.

So to all my California friends – if you can make it to a gig or two please do! And if you can’t, that’s okay too, but please help to spread the word. It’s a long road and it gets lonely out there.