Mister Grouter



every day early in the mornin’
when the sunlight rises cuttin’ through the fog
footsteps softly sound around the corner
Mister Grouter walkin’ with his dog
coat collar up, warm against the weather
got his captain’s cap ridin’ in place
daylight brightens and the mist is liftin’
it’s another new day you can see it on his face

never made much money in the money world
never learned to read or to write so well
never had a vote ‘cause he couldn’t read the ballot
but he could see fine just as clear as a bell
he used to work a job in the ship yard docks
when years ago he was a younger man
changes came and left him stranded
put him out walkin’ with time on his hands

who would ever steal an old man’s money
how’s he gonna pay for the rent
but this old man had friends and neighbors
who knew about the way things went
so they had a little talk with the landlord
and they taught mister grouter how to sign his name
and they ran those thieves so far out of town
that they never come back again

so every day early in the mornin’
with his best friend Curly walkin’ by his side
thinkin’ about family relations
way down south is a mighty long ride
good morning Mister Grouter, tell me how you’re doin’
it’s a mighty fine day with the sun so bright
tell me have you got any plans for the future
well I’m gonna take a trip if works out right


© Jim Page, Whid Isle Music, BMI
All rights reserved