Best CD In the World

I made the best CD in the world. Well, not just me — me and some friends who also play music and who get along on the fundamental levels that count. And a studio and an engineer. And a mastering engineer. And Katy, who has more braincells than all of us put together. I’ll say this once, though she she doesn’t like me to — nothing would have happened without her. Nothing. I’d still be staring at the wall in somebody’s basement somewhere.

So — I wrote all the songs, I sing them, and I play my acoustic guitar. Orville Johnson plays guitars, lap steel, and dobro. Dune Butler plays bass. Joel Litwin drums and paraphernalia. Jessica Lurie saxophones and tangents. And J.R. Rhodes sings extraordinary other vocals. All together it sounds like god had a good idea and put it all together before he/it/she/them forgot about it. I’m biased of course but I know objective superlative when I hear it.

So…. After circling the old rock of label attractions we are going it alone as far as that part goes. I’ve had my own label since 1975 — Whid-Isle Music. It’s just semantics but it fills in the blanks in the paperwork. I’m talking to a publicist right now — one of considerable facility — and depending on the ticket price I will say yes or no and will add that to my upcoming Kickstarter. Keep your eye out for all these things.

Yes I’m busy — but part of my busy involves staring into space as I navigate the cerebral terrains of songlines. Gotta keep the wheels greased. So… Sign up on my mailing list! Poke you nose in — tell me what you think and what you’d like to see/hear happen. The darkness is coming — the great canopy of November will soo be upon us. Tine to hunker down — to put the bread in the oven. We’ll be eating soon.