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The newness of not too old

Making sense is not my forte at this time of night. But somebody must do their best and that somebody at this point must be me. So here goes.

There’s a coyote in the neighborhood. It’s been seen prowling around wraith-like as the suns sets and the darkness get darker. Katy saw it while she sat on her favorite stoop to watch the street change. It lingered past and looked at her. “How ya doin’, girlie?” is said with a lazy leer. Hungry for food, or maybe some some animal magnetics. Either way it’s an interesting state of affairs.

Speaking of which how about the orange creature in the white house? How’s that workin’ for ya? And how did we get so color coded. Does the orange thing in the white house listen to green day while drinking a black and tan? And even more importantly, how did we get to thinking it was worth paying any attention to?

20/20 is a tv news show. It also means perfect vision. And it also means the presidential elections. At which time we may all go blind. if we don’t get it through out thick amurican skulls that the answer does not lie behind the limp eyes of a real nice democrat with good teeth, but rather with actual domestic regime change, then we may as well collectively rub our wrists together until they bleed.

I’m going to sleep now and you should too. See you on the other side.