The Trio

The Trio is Jim Page, Jessica Lurie, and Mark Ettinger. Individually we have known each other for years, rubbed shoulders, sat in, worked on projects, and said hello in passing. We have had respect for each other’s work. Together it is a powerful and subtle expression of music as a force in the world. Jessica plays saxophones and flute, Mark plays the bass like a maestro, and I of course play acoustic guitar and sing. We all sing. The songs are mostly mine, with the occasional traditional or improvisational piece. The music weaves in a fabulous world of mirrored brass and old resonant tone wood, a world where stories sometimes rhyme. We live in different parts of the country – Mark In Manhattan, myself in Seattle, and Jessica spanning the distances with one foot in Brooklyn and and the other in Seattle. Mark has built a recording studio and we are going there to mine for the depths of things. When we emerge there will be a record. You will hear more soon.

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