Trio Building in New York

Tuesday morning, steady rain. As I watch out the window on the second floor at 113th Street, Manhattan, slowly waking up…  We are building a trio here – a repertoire and a cohesion. The trio is me, Jessica Lurie, and Mark Ettinger. It’s sounding really good, bass and guitar and saxophone/flute. Mark is the bass player and also the studio owner/engineer. Jessica plays the winds, and I of course guitar and vocal. I’ve worked with Mark on and off over the last twenty years, Jessica only since last spring. We are digging in our heels and mining for sound.

We’re gonna make a record in this process as well. I still call them records because that’s what they are – recordings. “CD” is just the delivery system, like cassette or thumb drive. There’ll be a drummer of some of the tracks as well as a few over dubs. But man, I tell ya, the sound is pretty cool. I’m really into it. I’ve written a bunch of new songs, some of which will be included and some that won’t. I don’t think there’s anything that this configuration can’t handle. For an example go to the website tab “The Trio” and look around. There’s not much there yet because it’s new but it’ll give you an idea.

Okay, I have to get back to waking up. The car horns are like big city birds in a concrete tree. I need to go feed them.