Everybody Thanks The Driver

At the Northwest Folkife Festival, Seattle, May 28, 2018. Video by Neil Scott.

I’d Rather Be Dancing

Video by Elliot Stoller, filmed at Plymouth Church in Seattle, March 11, 2018

“Rachel Corrie: 15 Years Later”

Anna Mae

Video by Wingspan Media, C&P Coffee Company, Feb 7, 2018

Do Re Mi Revisited

Video by David Rovics, Fremont Sunday Market, 2017.

Gasworks Park

Video by Katy Keenan, 2011

Same Train, Different Track

Me and Orville Johnson doing a song I wrote after Merle Haggard died.
Video by Mark Murgittroyd, C&P Coffee Company, Seattle

Clear Blue Sky – with Billy Oskay

Video by Katy Keenan, at Mississippi Studios, Portland OR

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Video by Mike McCormack
anti-war rally 2006, Seattle, WA

Meinong with Orville Johnson

Orville Johnson and I doing Meinong, about a village in Taiwan where I played a music festival. This is from a gig at the C&P Coffee Company, in West Seattle, on October 5th, 2016. It was recorded on a smart phone by Mark Murgittroyd. I like this one a lot because the grove is inescapable.

Song For Leonard Peltier – with Erin Corday

Ghost Bikes recording session, Jack Straw Productions, Seattle, April 7, 2010
video by Katy Keenan

Interview at California Autoharp gathering, 2014

produced by Marc Blake,

Jesse (for Steven Jesse Bernstein)

video by Todd Boyle, The Couth Buzzard

The Power Of Music

Created by Ralph Bevins for Art Zone with Nancy Guppy.
Special thanks to the Seattle Channel, Katy Keenan, Couth Buzzard Books, and everyone involved.

Stranger In Me

Michael Hedges

very cool version of my song by Michael Hedges
Michael and I were friends. I sent him this song shortly after I wrote it and he flipped. I wish the sound were better but it’s the only version I’ve ever found.
video by Randy Lutge

Hiroshima Nagasaki Russian Roulette

Christy Moore and Declan Sinnott

(Brussels, AB 07 october 2011).avi
video by SuperPenn21
Another great version of one of my songs. I used to hang out with these guys a lot, back in the day. This is probably a cell phone video – it’s shaky for the first few seconds but then settles in. The playing is fabulous – I love the sound of Declan’s nylon string guitar, and Christy’s singing is deep and resonant.